Thursday, March 22, 2012

some test photos for my film

I'm still working on lighting, but here's a couple test shots for the film.


The main character for my film this year. He is almost done!

Felix process photos

Here is the main character for my film this year, Felix.


I made some slight tweaks to my design, but here is my almost finished stop motion puppet.

The Shining

For the Cal Arts Character Animation gallery show this year, I made portraits of the three main characters in polymer clay, and a posable figure of the creepy dog man. Thanks Tahnee for the photo!

Line of action

This is an earlier version of my film character.

circle, square, triangle

For character design class, we were asked to use shapes to create a set of characters that include a princess, a knight, and a villain.

Self Portrait

I'm really not always grumpy...

Self portrait

Here's me with my boyfriend, Sean. He puts up with a lot of pestering.

Sigur Ros

For Phil Rynda's character design class we were asked to create a character inspired by music. I selected at random from my iPod, Sigur Ros.

The Outlaw Part 2

My friend Gayle asked me to design a logo for her new food cart idea. She grew up working in her family tex-mex restaurant named "The Outlaw". I have a lot of fond memories of that place, and we all miss it. I was so happy to help with her new project, the taco trike.

Downton sketch

My two favorite characters from Downton Abbey.